Esq squadron compass watch. Designer watche.

Esq Squadron Compass Watch

esq squadron compass watch

Squadron "A" Armory

Squadron "A" Armory

Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States

The two brick towers of the Madison Avenue front of the Squadron "A" Armory evoke strong memories of a fortified medieval castle. This last remaining wall with the towers at each corner, executed in military architectural 3tylc, form an imposing structure of monumental scale and stark simplicity* Although the turrets and battlements are reminiscent of twelth century French prototypes, the result as expressed here is a product of American inventiveness, while being, at the same time, an excellent example of a medieval castle.

The details of this structure were handled by the designer in a vigorous and rugged manner. This building as an armory represented a straightforward, honest expression of its intent and function. The curve of the arched entranceway is severe yet bold in form and shape. The towers present a solid mass, and their profiles are clearly silhouetted against the sky. Three round turrets project from the corners of each of the square towers to enrich the overall profile and to enhance its form and character. In the parapet wall at the roof line the crenel-lations (notches) are clean cut openings shapely defining the top of the building.

In 1884, a number of gentlemen interested in riding formed a private group, called the "First New York Hussars" or "First Dragoons". They adopted the full dress uniform of the 10th Hussars, a London Regiment. In 1889) under Captain Roe, the unit of 53 men became troop "A" and was mustered into the N.G.S. of New York. By 1895 the unit became large enough to be divided into two troops, and became Squadron "A".

That same year, they took possession of the new armory and on January 31, 1896, the formal opening of the Armory took place with a reception and ball. The volunteer unit of "Troop A" saw service in the Spanish American War. As a National Guard unit Squadron "A" responded to riot duty in Buffalo - 1892, in Brooklyn - 1895 and at the Croton Reservoir in 1900. Squadron "A" was called into Federal Service in World War I and was reorganized as the lO^th Machine Gun Battalion on October 13, 1917.

At the public hearing the representative of the Historic Buildings Committee of the Amercian Institute of Architects, New York Chapter, testified saying that he "urges this Commission to do all it can to preserve these remains," and that "what remains today is dear to us in its own right. Of that, especially the towers with their machiculated parapets, their rounded turrets and corbelled galleries, we who have studied and practiced architecture find of particular aesthetic merit their color, their massing, their interesting silhouettes, their detail, and their beautifully executed brickwork (masonry).

We are of the opinion these towers and connecting wall provide an effective background for the school to be, and a romantic environment lor those using the playground."

The representative of the City Park Department testified that, "the facade is an example of a type of Military Gothic architecture and workmanship, which is no longer being built in New York City and which will probably soon disappear entirely from the urban scene. The design is a type which will without doubt provide a tremendous amount of delight to the small children who will play in the playground of the newly proposed school. The castle effect which the wall creates certainly provides an enormously varied setting for all forms of play. We are in favor of preserving the facade."

- From the 1966 NYCLPC Landmark Designation Report

61st Service Squadron Airborne

61st Service Squadron Airborne

This unit was constituted 20 Nov 1940 as the Materiel Squadron, 46th Air Base Group and activated about 15 Jan 1941 at Selfridge Field, MI under the 46th Air Base Group. on 17 Jan 1941, it became the 61st Materiel Squadron (still assigned to the 46th Air Base Group). It departed Selfridge Field (for Baer Field, IN?) about Aug 1941, then moved to Paine Field, WA. It was one of the first support units to deploy to the Pacific, departing Paine Field toward the end of January 1942 and arriving at Brisbane, Australia in February. It served in the East Indies, New Guinea and the Philippines, becoming the 61st Air Service Squadron in 1945. The only specific Pacific duty station I know of for the 61st was on Owi Island.
Thanks to Bernie Shearon for this info!

esq squadron compass watch

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